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Driving Training for Afghan Women

The Afghan Association of New Zealand is delighted to announce the provision of practical driving courses. The course is primarily for Afghan mothers with a young family but married sisters with no children or those who are single are also encouraged to register their interest. The course will be run by a qualified female instructor who will both pick-up and drop-off all trainees.

Before registering please read and understand the following terms. If you have any queries, please email or TEXT on the below contact details and one of our members will get in touch.


  1. This course is primarily for Afghan mothers with young families and is strictly one entry per family.
  2. ANZ will be providing a maximum of 10 hours (in 2-hour increments) of training for each trainee.
  3. Each 1-hour session will cost $60.00, AANZ will subsidise $45.00 of the cost leaving $15.00 to be paid by the trainee.
  4. The trainee’s contribution is to be paid in full to AANZ (bank transfer or cash) prior to commencing training, and it is Non-Refundable.
  5. At this stage AANZ can only offer the 200 hours of practical training, If there is a high demand for the course AANZ will look into running this course again in future.
  6. If entries exceed 200 hours, candidates will be chosen at random from a ballot, the candidates not selected will be advised and may choose to be placed on a waiting list for future driving programs.
  7. New Zealand born Afghans are not eligible for this course.
  8. Basic English language is required to be able to communicate with the instructor and follow instructions if a candidate cannot speak English, they need to arrange their own interpreter.
  9. Young children may not be allowed in the car during training.
  10. You must have a current New Zealand learners, restricted or overseas full licence.
  11. All contact details will be passed to the instructor who will contact candidates to arrange training dates and times.
  12. If you are unable to make it to a training session you must inform the instructor at least the night before, short notice will not be re-arranged and you will lose your training time.
  13. Registration for this course closes on Sunday 15 September 2019 at 10pm. No late entries will be accepted.
  14. Those who participated in the first round are not eligible.

Contact Details

022 320 8767 (TEXT ONLY)


For Registration Click Here

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  1. Well done guys, Keep up the Good Work.

  2. AANZ is doing great job to the community i think would be more advantage to do some educational course or activity for families or parents not educated it well be more useful for people stay open-minded.

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