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AANZ History

AANZ was founded in year 2000 by a group of driven Afghans in somewhat unusual circumstances. An Afghan community member was wrongfully accused of crimes that he did not commit. The subsequent rallying behind this worthy cause by the Afghan community, resulting in the birth of AANZ, and the fairness of the New Zealand justice system, ensured the exoneration of the Afghan member.

Since then, AANZ has grown to be an all-encompassing community organisation, becoming the focal point of Afghan New Zealand community action, including Afghan national events and delivering a variety of services in the form of free education to Afghan children and youth, as well as running Women, Sports, Youth and Men’s programmes.

AANZ is eternally grateful to its founding fathers, listed below:

  • Ayub Ahmadzai
  • Siraj Salarzai
  • Shaukat Zamani
  • Khalil Tajik
  • Nasir Sharifi
  • Dr. Hashem Slaimankhel
  • Nasser Nassery
  • Omar Ahmadzai

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AANZ Constitution

The name of the Society shall be the Afghan Association of New Zealand Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”