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AANZ Past Officers


Officer Name Past Since
Mohammad Arif Saeid 10/03/2011
Nasir Ahmad Sharifi 10/03/2011
Khalil Tajek 10/03/2011
Hashem Slaimankhel 10/03/2011
Mahmad Rostamey 10/03/2011
Abdul Ghani Ahmadzai 10/03/2011
Abdul Qadeer Sidique 10/03/2011
Ahmad Shah Nazari 10/03/2011
Sayed Mahboob 26/04/2015
Deen Deendost 26/04/2015
Mohammad Nesar 26/04/2015
Hemayatullah Haqiqzai 26/04/2015
Abdul Ahmadzai 26/04/2015
Abdul Sidique 26/04/2015
Mohammad Saeid 26/04/2015


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AANZ History

AANZ was founded in year 2000 by a group of driven Afghans in somewhat unusual circumstances. An Afghan community member was wrongfully accused of crimes that he did not commit.